"This book is compulsively readable, and owes its deadpan delivery to the fact that she has performed standup comedy on national television (The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Today, Primetime, etc.)"
- ForeWord Magazine

"...[Pedersen's] wicked, sarcastic, dry, self-deprecating sense of humor won me over and I absolutely loved it start to finish."
- Printed Page

"Her memoir is insightful; her writing crackles; her humor, though biting at times, is essentially kind and mostly un-cynical."
- Cozy Library

"The book's laugh-out-loud funny, and readers will find themselves rereading lines just for the sheer joy of it. A sure bet."
- Kirkus

"Reading Best Bet is like being at a party with some very funny people; Laura Pedersen, who has won prizes for her fiction and whose second novel was selected for the Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” program, has a distinct knack for creating spirited characters. Hallie, her saintly mother, her nine brothers and sisters, her friends Bernard, Olivia, Mandy, and Banjo, and even the giggling gaggle of girl scouts all leap fully formed from the binding, ready to make us laugh."
- ForeWord Reviews

"Although it's a laugh out loud read, it's an appealing, sensitive, superbly written book. One you won't want to put down. I loved it."
-The Lakeland Times

"Pedersen's tongue-in-cheek approach allows one to revisit the days of romantic literature."
-The Anniston Star

"Her writing style makes the reader care about what happens to the Palmers…her characters are well-defined and each adds to the colorful story."
-The Free Lance-Star

"I love this book! Settling in with Hallie is like hanging out with your favorite girlfriend - the one who is smart, witty, and compassionate, and more to the point, always entertaining."
-Barbara Samuel, author of Madame Mirabou's School of Love

"This is an excellent portrait of one family's journey through a time of crisis; and of coming out on the other side."
-CA Reviews

"Be prepared to fall in love with a story that's as wise as it is witty."
-The Compulsive Reader

"Pedersen's books will make you laugh and cry, and you'll love them."
-Armchair Reviews

"To call THE SWEETEST HOURS a book of short stories would be like calling The Mona Lisa a painting."
-Front Street Reviews

"Pedersen weaves tales that blend humor, sorrow, and sometimes surprise endings in the games of life and love."
-Book Loons

"From the moment I opened the bright bubble-blowing cover of this collection until I finished it, I relished each page."
-Women Writers

"Laura's stories will delight you and each one is a completely new adventure that will give you a radically different perspective on life and love."
-TCM reviews

"Prepare to fall in love again because Laura Pedersen is giving you your 'Heart's Desire' by bringing back Hallie Palmer and her entire endearing crew. In a story as wise as it is witty, Pedersen captures the joy of love found, the ache of love lost, and how friends can get you through it all - win or lose."
-Sarah Bird,
author of
The Yokata Officer's Club

"Smart, funny, and chocked with fascinating tidbits and surprises, Heart’s Desire delivers on the promise of its title. Laura Pedersen’s lively imagination has created a cast of zany characters and an unforgettable heroine in Hallie Palmer whose honesty, sweet nature, and witticisms make this novel an enchanting read. I can’t wait for the sequel!"
-Bev Marshall,
author of
Right as Rain
Walking Through Shadows

"Laura Pedersen’s newest work is as fresh and inviting as iced tea in August. If only I had friends as sweet and quirky and unpredictable as the characters in Heart’s Desire!"
-Ad Hudler,
author of
Southern Living

Pedersen has written a bright, tinkling charm bracelet of a book, ornamented with the odd grace of her quirky, mismatched characters and her own brand of wry, tender humor.
-Yona Zeldis McDonough,
author of
In Dahlia's Wake

"This book will make you laugh and cry and like a good friend, you'll be happy to have made its acquaintance."
-Lorna Landvik,
author of
Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons
Oh My Stars

"Pedersen writes vividly of characters so interesting, so funny and warm that they defy staying on the page."
-The Hartford Courant

"[M]oving and funny…As she did in Beginner's Luck, Pedersen teases comic and romantic possibilities from the unlikely collision of strong personalities."

"Laura Pedersen's wry, bittersweet story charts the unlikely romance between a dying yet still vibrant man and a nun whose faith has abandoned her. While much is lost in this gentle tale, much is gained too, and by the novel's end, the characters are granted the kind of wisdom and acceptance for which we all continue to long."
-Yona McDonough,
author of
The Four Temperaments

"This book is a rare, humorous exploration of death that affirms life is a gift and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Pedersen writes an exquisitely emotional story. A must-have book to start the new year."
-Romantic Times

"Last Call is a funny tale about human foibles and faults, and a search for life, faith and love. It's a charmer."

"Laura Pedersen delivers…If this book hasn't been made into a screenplay already, it should be soon. Throughout, you can't help but think how hilarious some of the scenes would play on the big screen."
-The Hartford Courant

"Funny, sweet-natured, and well-crafted…Pedersen has created a wonderful assemblage of…whimsical characters and charm."
-Kirkus Reviews

"This novel is funny and just quirky enough to become a word-of-mouth favorite….Pedersen has a knack for capturing tart teenage observations in witty asides, and Hallie's naivete, combined with her gambling and numbers savvy, make her a winning protagonist."
-Publishers Weekly

"A breezy coming-of-age novel with an appealing cast of characters."

"A fresh and funny look at not fitting in."

"Pedersen shows off her verbal buoyancy. Their quips are witty and so are Pedersen's amusing characterizations of the eccentric MacGuires. Sentence by sentence, Pedersen's debut can certainly entertain."
-Publishers Weekly

"Laura Pedersen exudes an irrepressible, irreverent spirit...in a book that lives and breathes in its snappy, unaffected dialogue."
-The Baltimore Sun

PLAY MONEY (nonfiction)
"A savvy insider's vastly entertaining line on aspects of the money game."
(starred review)

"A proving ground for her comedic skills...the result is a book that reads easily and should entertain an audience well beyond business readers."
-The Buffalo News