THE SWEETEST HOURS is a heartwarming, life affirming, laugh-out-loud funny meditation on the many different ways we live and love. Starting with the clever and hilarious “Gus Hunts for a Job,” where love for a meaningful life takes center stage, to “Second Nature,” in which the smart but not stunning girl falls for the hunky lifeguard and sets herself the task of becoming a modern day Scheherazade to romance him, and finally, “This Santa’s For Hire,” where love means keeping alive a dream, Pedersen takes the reader on a compelling journey through a variety of original and delightfully unpredictable relationships. Whether the pairing involves a woman and her Alaskan mail-order groom, a guy and his dolphin, or a girl and her mission to save the world, you’ll laugh, you’ll think, you’ll pour a drink.

"THE SWEETEST HOURS is universally well written and interesting...this is a compelling set of stories -- well worth the read."

"Very well done, Laura, and a very interesting concept - tough to pull off well, but you did it!"
-Once Upon A Romance
(Lori Graham)

"A very entertaining read.... Pedersen has the 'knack' of adding a certain amount of humor to make the stories a delightful read."

"No matter the situation, there is something in these quirky, vibrant characters that speaks to everyone. Through them Pedersen weaves tales that blend humor, sorrow, and sometimes surprise endings in the games of life and love."