Twenty-eight year old Josie Kincaid is a talented, sexy, aggressive, street-smart journalist at a cable news network who aspires to become a star investigative reporter and change the world with her work. To succeed in a cutthroat business, she follows the lead of her male counterparts by acting tough, sleeping around and drinking too much. Underneath this rough exterior beats a passionate heart, untried until Calvin Gabriel Thomas becomes her new officemate. A 30-year-old Yale-trained lawyer, he's decided to give journalism a try rather than follow in the political footsteps of his famous father, a six-term Senator from Connecticut. Josie and Calvin come from different worlds, have different styles, and hold conflicting views on whether money can be a positive force in society or is the very essence of corruption. However, it's clear that Calvin might find himself interested in Josie if she weren’t so angry, self-destructive and outspoken. Meanwhile, Josie thinks that she might have given Calvin a shot if he hadn’t gone and gotten married their first week of working together. But when Josie receives the assignment of a lifetime it’s a chance to seal her future as well as find her heart.