UU Haiku
by Laura Pedersen

Gratitude journal
filled with deep thoughts on life and
names of litterbugs.
Seasons of our lives,
naming, wedding, funeral.
Must choose Birkenstocks.
First snow of winter
Cold coffee, pamphlets blowing,
fewer protesters.
March on Washington.
Hand-painted signs with slogans.
Met some nice Quakers.
Prayers for those in need
seem to work that much better
when checks are attached.
Children grow and leave,
religion doesn’t stick like
Jewish and Catholic.
The Goldman-Murphys
dressed in beads, robes, and sandals
back from Nepal trek.
Raised as a UU.
How to explain to school friends?
Thomas Jefferson.
is costly, but give money
and it’s named for you.
UU funeral.
Deceased in best suit of clothes
with no place to go.
Has everyone signed
my anti-nukes petition
to send to Congress?
What do you mean that
you didn’t vote on Tuesday?
End of a friendship.
Holidays are here.
Card tables at coffee hour.
Buy Unicef cards.
No church in summer.
Vacations, sabbaticals.
Because God trusts us.
Not known for singing.
Too busy checking if we
agree with the words.
Coffee is UU
sacrament, so please join us.
Volunteers needed.
Gave all my money
to support M.A.D.D.
Now can’t afford wine.
Living in a tree
confronting angry loggers.
Uh-oh! Lyme disease.
The child of my ex-
wife’s son with her first husband
makes him what to me?
People like to say
“You can’t stop war with folk songs,”
but we keep trying.
It’s a holiday.
Martin, Abe, George, Christ, Cupid.
What about Susan?
Recycle body
by donating to science.
Tax deductible.
Five presidents and
over one hundred thousand
liberal arts majors.
MADD meets
in the same room as OA
right after AA.
Historic old church.
Flaming chalice/clog dancing.
Alert Fire Marshal.
Catholic Godparents
at Naming Ceremony.
Confused, overdressed.
Humanism, yes.
Transcendentalism, yes.
Armageddon, no.
Chipped ceramic mugs.
Rinse out after coffee hour.
No UU landfill.
What is the question
to which war is the answer?
Make bumper stickers.
No, you may not have
a BB gun to play with.
Knoxville, Tennessee.
We can save the world
and bring peace among nations.
Start with a survey.